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Towobo is an online platform that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to buyers around the world by providing them with a global marketplace to showcase and sell their products. Through our database and optimized interface, we facilitate crucial aspects of international commerce such as payment processing and order management.

At Towobo, our commitment to ensuring a secure and pleasant experience for buyers is unwavering. Our payment protection policy safeguards buyers, guaranteeing that payment is transferred to sellers only upon successful delivery of goods meeting the agreed-upon specifications.

For sellers, Towobo offers a wealth of tools and services designed to simplify the entire international selling process. Listing products for sale, processing payments, and fulfilling orders to customers worldwide becomes streamlined. Our fee structure is designed to be fair and transparent, with sellers incurring a modest final value fee of 5% only when an item successfully sells.

Join Towobo today to experience a new era of global commerce, where manufacturers, wholesalers, and buyers converge on a platform designed to catalyze growth and enhance trade opportunities.


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5% $: 6,250,000.000

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